Thursday, October 22

MIss Mole

      "She had her ideal of what a home should be. The mother in it would be her mother, but the father would be different. If it were necessary for him to be a minister of religion, he would be the vicar of the Established Church, and the church itself would be old and dim and beautiful and people would not shake hands across the yellow pews and talk intimately about their ailments and their children. They would do that, if they must, in the sunny churchyard, and quietly, with the hush of the service on them and the influence of stained glass and carved stone. The house would be old too, with a cedar on the lawn, and several dogs, and inside there would be pretty and precious things, things that had belonged to ancestors, portraits and old silver, and the ancestors would be admirals and generals and judges.The sons of the house would go to public schools and universities and no one would think it necessary to mention it; the girls would have beauty and beautiful clothes and gracious love affairs: they would not giggle with young men, like Ethel, or be cross with everybody, like Ruth; there would be order in that household and quiet servants." 
                                                                                                          Miss Mole by E.H. Young 

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