Monday, November 6

Target Recovery

We're still in recovery mode after our busy, busy weekend.  Grandfather Bear is here for a few days and needed to replenish his stash of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, so we did what sensible people would do, we went to Target.  Though I have been slow to get on the Magnolia/Joanna and Chip Gaines train, I was interested to see their Hearth and Hand collection at Target.  The display in our store was a bit smaller than some of the ones in more metropolis areas, but I was still very interested in what I saw.  

We also were able to take a turn around Barnes and Noble before heading home for lunch, and I picked up the latest UK Country Living and also a copy of Artful Blogging, which features an  article by Matushka Rebekah this month.  It's a feast for the eyes... just like her blog and Instagram feed!

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