Saturday, November 11

Escaping the Chill

We have now been without hot water and heat for six days and there is really no end in sight.  Rather than remain at home today in the depressing chill, the children and I decided to spend some time with my sister-in-law wandering around an antique store and having lunch out.

I spotted so many beautiful things while we were at the antique shop.  There was a gorgeous bedroom set made of pristine dark wood and marble, shelves of antique books, dishes, and a lovely carved baby cradle that I couldn't resist taking a photograph of. 

We decided to take Danyella out to lunch at Panera Bread, which she had never been and which is a favorite of the children.  We all enjoyed our meal very much!  The children had their usual (broccoli cheddar soup and a bacon and turkey sandwich), while I opted for something new: a cup of cream of chicken soup with rice.  It was delicious and hit the spot on this blustery day.

I love to people watch while we're out and about and was happy to spot a darling little old lady eating out with a relative enjoying lunch right next to us.  She had gently curling white hair cut to chin length, and she wore a  silk scarf looped round her neck, a well-fitting  jacket for warmth, and the most delicate cameo ring I have seen on her pinky pinky.  The two women ate their meal delicately and enjoyed quiet conversation together...  a change from the loud and more vociferous eaters I usually see.  I tried to be inconspicuous in my observations of them, so as not to appear rude, but it really inspired me to see them dressed and groomed with such care, displaying such mannerly behavior. 

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