Thursday, November 16

Countdown to Nativity

I am absolutely obsessed with the color pink of late.  It is such an obsession, that I am actually considering Christmas wrapping paper that is cream with little pink fir trees dotted all over it.  Is that too much?  I just don't know.

Anyway, we stopped at Michael's today to buy scrapbook paper for a Christmas countdown chain.  We've made them in the past, and our daughter was particularly insistent about wanting to include one in our preparation for Nativity.  I sent her over to the paper section to choose what she wanted and am so pleased with the results!  These are exactly the papers that I would have chosen.  She has already cut everything out and glued the loops together and I hung the chain vertically in our dining room.  The countdown to Nativity always seems to go so much more quickly after Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Amy Messenger said...

I am loving pink these days too! I hung a wreath over our fireplace with blush pink satin ribbon. Just some small blush accents here & there bring a softness & loveliness.

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