Monday, January 29

Anti-Procrastination Challenge (Monday)...

Today was the last day for Mrs. Wilt's Anti-Procrastination Challenge at the The Sparrow's Nest. I have enjoyed participating in this challenge so much! My house looks so much less cluttered now that things are cleaned up and organized... It would be nice to do an anti procrastination challenge once a month!

Here are the things that I accomplished today:

  • I wrote out a few cards and e-mails. I have neglected my correspondence a bit, and it is nice to catch up again!
  • I cleaned out a letter box that I have on my counter... it had become a catch all for coupons, letters to me, addresses and phone numbers on slips of paper, photos, etc.
  • I tidied up my desk (yet again!).
Thank you for the challenge and the e-book, Mrs. Wilt!

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