Wednesday, January 17

A House with History...

Ever heard of Chatsworth, Clivedon, or Grey Gardens? What about Highgrove Farm or Balmoral? They are all famous houses. Why shouldn't a princess like yourself also live in a house with a name? I live in a Craftsman-style bungalow house called Shingle Belle; my family's summer house in Washington is called Century Farm. Are these enormous houses with a long association with the name? Not really. But don't they sound that way? What should you call your place? You can name it after the style of achitecture, or the natural setting, or even your favorite color. Be creative- name it, no matter how humble, and you will feel as if your digs are super swanky. "
From: Wear More Cashmere
Jennifer "Gin" Sander


Courtney said...

I've always loved the idea of naming homes since I read Anne of Green Gables. It was hard to come up with a pretty name for my parents 1970s era raised ranch (though it's lovely). Maybe it's something we should do with our new home!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I think that you should, Courtney! I can't wait to see pictures of the new house:)


Anna said...

So Emma, what's yours? You know mine!


Mimi said...

I have a widowed relative whose married name is Wrenne. She used to call her homes, "The Wren's Nest", and she decorated with Wren and bird themed items.

Of course, the oldest farms around here all have names -- often taken from trees that stand on the grounds or a nearby river or some other geographic feature or the original owner's name. I've always tought it was little over the top for me to name my suburban dwelling. But, I've always had a secret hankering to. I've thought about using something with the idea of birds and singing in it -- birdsong or songbird haven, but haven't come up with just the right thing. And, I thought about the Merry Rose, but that sounds too much like an old English Tavern.

Any ideas?

Mimi said...

Oh, I forgot that when I grew up in Atlanta, there was a lovely old home called, "The Swan House." It had been turned into a museum and tea room and the location for an annual charity ball by the time I came along. But, the wife in the couple who originally built it adored swans and had swan motifs worked into the architecture. So, as you walked through the rooms of the house, it was a fun surprise to see all of the little details where swans appeared. If you're building a new house, wouldn't it be fun to have some kind of theme like that appear in bits of grillwork, tile, etc? Of course, since our homes are not built as elaborately as in the old days, this would be more of a challenge. But, still, wouldn't it be fun if it could be done without much expense?

JacquiG said...

The last three houses my Mum has lived in in the UK have had names. I liked the idea so much I've named our house ... Jacran Cottage!

Jackie in ON

Janet said...

I have named our last 3 places, even though one was "just" a mobile home.:) They were Pine Blossoms, Rosewood Cottage, and we are presently living at Hidden Pines. I have a special name picked out for when my dream home is built.:)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Anna!
I am sorry to say that our house is un-named at this point! I have been trying to find the right name and all that I have been able to come up with is The Parsonage. Quite boring! Back to the drawing board!


I loved the stories that you told us! What great names for houses... I am not very good at nam ing things (see above). maybe Anna has a good name for you home!

I love the name of your house, Jackie! It is very romanic sounding! I envision it covered in pink roses!

Janet, you are very clever when it comes to naming homes! I need your help! If yu don't mind my asking, what is the special name for your dream home?


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