Friday, January 26

Our Nursery...

This is the main part of the nursery. The room is on the small side, so we keep all the baby toys, walker, swing, johnny-jumper, etc. downstairs. When I was pregnant with our daughter, we didn't know what she would be (I was actually kind of expecting a boy). Because of that, we chose nursery furniture and decorations that would be suitable for either sex (If I knew that she was going to be a girl, however, I would have gone more girl-y). The little step stool has a white rabbit carved into the top and will probably go into the bathroom when the baby is getting potty trained. Though the rocker and footstool don't really match, I love them! They are a hand-me-down from a friend whose children are already grown.

The first thing you see is a sweet little bookshelf that I inherited from my parents. We re-painted it white (though I'd love to strip all the paint off one day) and stocked it with little books (I have boxes more, but the shelves are too narrow... I'll probably be looking for a larger bookshelf at garage sales this summer). The icon hanging above the shelf is our baby's patron saint. On the top shelf is an icon of the guardian angel, a clock, and a lamp that matches the linens for the room. The next shelf has a cute picture of the baby and books and magazines for me to read while I nurse the baby. The next shelf has books and a wood carving I did in college, and the last shelf is full of books.

Here is a close up pf the top of the bookshelf.

The above picture is of the changing table. I covered the pad with a piece of vintage cloth and put a narrow white tray at the top. The tray has baby essentials in it: a cup of q-tips, a sugar bowl with cotton balls, and a basket with nail clippers, a bulb syringe, a brush, lotion, etc. The baskets on the shelves of the changing table have the following:

  • blankets, washcloths, and towels
  • diapers and wipes
  • baby clothes - onesies, pants, tops, pajamas, etc.
  • baby accessories - bibs, hats, shoes, sweaters, socks,tights, hair bows, and headbands

The final part of the nursery is pretty unfinished. We were planning on getting a crib once the baby outgrew her co-sleeper. Since we've been having some sleep issues, however, we are thinking that we may just get a toddler bed when she is a bit older. I "made" the mattress so that you could see the pretty scene on the blanket.
The wall that is not pictured is all closet. Since it wasn't that exciting, I didn't post a picture of it.
Also, we are renting our present home and may only be here until the summer... because of that, I haven't done much to the walls. We would love to put a pretty border around.


Anonymous said...

I love it...very restful colors that are perfect for either gender.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Thanks! It's a great room to read in!

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