Wednesday, January 24

Anti-Procrastination Challenge (Wednesday)...

Today is the second day of Mrs. Wilt's Anti-Procrastination Challenge at the The Sparrow's Nest! It is amazing what entering a little contest can do for the neglected corners of your home! Thanks again to Mrs. Wilt for coming up with this challenge! If you haven't joined in yet, there is still plenty of time!

Here is what I accomplished today:

  • tidied up my part of the closet (my husband's side was already very neat)
  • wrote a long overdue e-mail to a favorite former colleague from my last job
  • tidied up my desk
  • posed baby for photos wearing the paper plate hat we made together at our first story hour (husband took the pictures)
  • worked on cleaning out our storage room... this involved gathering all crafts and seasonal decorations that had been scattered throughout the room (organizing them will come tomorrow), sorting through clothing that was given to us for the baby (it is all too big, but will be sorted and packed away by size tomorrow), and creating a gigantic pile of things to send to Goodwill
  • purchased a Valentine's day card for Husband and the most beautiful collection of vintage Valentine's for family and friends
  • ordered Husband's Valentine's Day gift
  • Continued to torture my child by trying to train her to sleep by herself in her own bed. Though not successful for nap time, for the first time in WEEKS she fell asleep at 10:20 pm and is still asleep now (11:22). Please let this be the end of this horrible phase!
I am one tired Chickie! It is now time for me to make a last ditch effort to tidy up the downstairs and then this mama is going to hit the sack!


Kelli said...

You got lots accomplished today! Good job!

Rean Day said...

Whew, I'm tired just reading all you got accomplished! Great job.

Rean Day

Courtney said...

Emma, I hear you on the sleep issues. I didn't have any trouble transitioning the baby to his own bed (he grew out of our bed which is only a full-size and the co-sleeper), but he CANNOT fall asleep on his own. He did for a few days at nap time about a month ago, but just can't otherwise. It's so frustrating. I don't mind nursing him down (multiple times) at night, but for naps it would be nice to have things a little simpler. He also has a habit at night of falling asleep for 30-45 minutes and then we have to do the routine all over again before he's "down" for the night AKA 3-4 hours. Oh, and here's the latest this week: NO NAPS! He only napped about 1 hour yesterday and so far about 20 minutes today in the Ergo while I was making bread. AGHH!!! Praying for you; pray for me!

MamaBirdEmma said...

It sounds like I got more done that I really did... most things took only a few minutes:)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Courtney!
I took it for granted that the baby would have two naps a day and then go right to sleep at night and maybe wake up once or twice a night. HA! It was like that for a few months, but not anymore.

Naps are a constant struggle unless I put her in the car seat and drive somewhere... unfortunatly, she wakes up the second the car is turned off.

I tried letting her cry it out (when I was sure that she was fed and changed and ready to sleep), but that was just a disaster and didn't feel right... It was hard to look at her sobbing and choose not to do anything about it.

Fortunatly, she is playing by herself a little more now, so I can have a little break here and there. Is your baby able to be left alone a bit?

it's too bad that we don't live in the same neighborhood. I read an article about two women who hung out together during the days (one day at one woman's house and one day at the other's and so on). They would take care of the babies, clean the house they were in, cook, and hang out during the day. What they cooked would feed both families at their respective homes that night... it sounds nice:)

I will pray for you tonight! I hope that your baby has sweet dreams... and sleeps for many hours in a row!


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