Monday, February 11

From Frumpy to Fabulous in Three Weeks: Day Four...

Day Four: Spiritual Reading

In addition to working towards having some time in prayer each day, it is important to try to spend some time reading something of a spiritual nature as well. Some days you might want to read a chapter or two from the Bible while other days you might choose to read the life of a saint or a book about theology or the spiritual life (I'd like to pick up The Orthodox Church by Bp. Timothy Ware). Whatever you decide to read, try to make time to edify your soul each day.

To read more about this challenge, click HERE.

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Antonella said...

Dear Emma
I really enjoy your blog and yourcommitment to loveliness and frumpy to faboulous posts.
I was wondering if you have any suggestions for readers like me that are interested in spiritual nourishing but do not have a strong religious Faith yet... I've got a Catholic upbgringing but more 'formal' than innerly 'felt'.
Do you know of any books that would be suitable for me? I don't mind church 'differences', I really feel that Spirit is bigger than our limited egoes..
thank you
Milan, Italy

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