Tuesday, November 7


"Always ask a man for his advice but never give him yours - unless he asks for it and unless it concerns such minor questions as interior decoration, etiquette, or what to wear... Don't forget that giving advice means undertaking to influence the course of destiny of another person and to commit yourself to seeing that it succeeds. Women who give advice irresponsibly are just as reprehensible as people who sign bad cheques."

Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
The Men in Your Life: Timless Advice and Wisdom on Managing the Opposite Sex


Cherish the Home said...

What a great quote and so true. I heard it put another way:

"Unsought advice is seldom headed and never appreciated."

The Bible says in Proverbs that even a fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut. (of course that's a Mrs.B paraphrase of the verse) (o;

I loved this post!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I'm not sure what my husband would do if I began trying this...he would probably put his hand on my head to check for fever (he often does this as a joke :) ).

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I struggle with this too, but when I have discussed it with my husband he always says that he WANTS my input. I could definitely work on criticism vs advice though!!

Thanks Emma!

Anonymous said...

Interesting quote. I know that my husband relies on my advice (for better or worse), and would be very confused if I suddenly stopped offering it. Thanks for sharing.

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