Wednesday, November 15

Femininity Challenge - Tuesday...

Today was a very busy day for me! I cleaned most of the house - our bedroom and bathroom with have to wait until tomorrow - and did a lot of cooking and baking.

Here are some of the feminine things that I have accomplished today:

1. I wrote some favorite recipes down on pretty recipe cards... they had previously been printed from the computer and looked messy sticking out all over the place in my recipe box.

2. I took my time when eating today: I tried to take small bites and I ate slowly. With a baby that seems to fuss as soon as we sit down to eat, I've been wolfing down my food... I will try to do this no more! After all, microwaves were invented to reheat Mama's food!

3. I lit my Autumn Wreath candles in the family room.

I have been perusing your blogs and have been very inspired by what you are all doing! I am sorry that I have not commented... I have wanted to very much, by my husband has had a lot of work to do on the computer (he was up until 2 am last night) and so my time on-line is limited... Tomorrow will be better!


Anonymous said...

I wore my feminine clothes all day again...but I didn't do anything else specific. Perhaps today will be better and more feminine :o)

Cherish the Home said...

Tuesday was quite the feminine day for me! I even wore nylons with my outfit. I also wore earrings, a necklace and perfume.

This has been such fun!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Mrs. Blythe! It sounds to me like you were perfectly feminine... dressing femininly is half the battle!

I am so glad that you are enjoying this Mrs. Blythe! I am too:) I like trying to figure ut what I am going to add to my day to make it a bit more feminine. Everyone that has been participating has really helped to give me ideas!


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