Sunday, November 19

Looking Better when Under the Weather...

Look Better Than You Feel:

  • De Puff with the Right Stuff - To deflate your face, massage in moisturizer with upward strokes to encourage circulation and drain fluid. Use tea bags (brewed, then cooled) as eye compresses for five to ten minutes (chamomile tea works well).

  • Fake Looking Awake - To mask dark circles, you need a yellowish concealer, slightly lighter than your normal skin tone - but not just under the eyes: lids, the hollow above them and the inner corners by your nose are key. To add sparkle, dust shimmery, white based shadow around entire eye; use grey or taupe line on top lids for soft definition. Curling your lashes and using clear mascara can help you look extra alert, as will a whitening solution (Visine) to help with bloodshot eyes.
  • Get a Healthy Glow - To turn a sick, pasty complexion into a model of radiance, use cream blush, not powder. Go with bright tones (red, pink) rather than murky ones (plum, brown), and rub it in evenly on the apples of cheeks, temples, and your chin. If you have a cold, you can hide a Rudolph nose with concealer (moisturize first). Chapped lips? Exfoliate with a toothbrush and use gloss to minimize the appearance of dry, flaky skin.
  • Use Clothes as a Camouflage - Avoid wearing colors that echo the same ones you are trying to downplay. If your nose is red, don't wear a red sweater. If you're hiding dark circles, stay away from black or navy. A touch of white always lightens the face, so try a v-neck sweater with a white tee or collar peeking out, a white turtleneck, or a small, white scarf.

-Taken from an article by Nathalie Zimmerman. Mademoiselle. January 1999.

For some great ideas on making your little one feel better, visit Anna's blog and this entry:


Mimi said...

This is timely for me. I'm not in-the-bed sick, and I am grateful to God that I can be up and around. But, I am walking around with droopy eyes, a sore throat, asthma, and sinus congestion -- and I'm not feeling bright or fresh. I am going to try the moisturizer thing. It sounds so soothing.

MamaBirdEmma said...

I hope that you feel better, Elizabeth!

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