Wednesday, November 15

Femininity Challenge - Wednesday...

Today I did something a little different with my hair. I began styling it by giving it a thorough brushing and then used a large barreled curling iron to smooth it out and give the ends a bit of "oomph." Once this was done, I separated the top half of my hair and twisted it into a bun. I left the bottom half of my hair down. It seems like a nice hairstyle and I may do it that way again... especially if Baby sleeps in a few extra minutes like she did this morning!


Cherish the Home said...

I sound lovely! It's fun to try new hairstyles. (o:


Anonymous said...

I've worn my hair down all week. My hair is naturally wavy and quite long now. I tend to use a straightening iron rather than a curling iron as my hair is so thick when I have curled it in the past my hair ends up so wide I can but hardly fit through a door, lol.

I love the sound of the style you have tried it sounds lovely.

Darcy said...


That sounds like a neat style. I may have to try it. :) With my last pregnancy my hair got curly and it has decided to stay that way permanantly I guess! I'm trying to learn new ways to fix my hair now as straightening it regularly with an iron isn't an option because there just isn't time.

I didn't know about the feminity challenge early enough to participate in it on my blog but I have been mindful of it. This afternoon I took some time and paited my nails. They look so much nicer. I did a very pale shade of pinkish cream so that they don't show the chipping as quickly as they would with a color. :)


MamaBirdEmma said...

Thank you for your coments ladies!

I wish that I had wavy/curly hair Mrs. Blythe! I guess that the grass is always greener on the other side though:)

I have the bad habit of always putting my hair up into a messy bun, Mrs. R. I wish that I could learn to keep my hair down like you do!

I'm going to hope that my hair gets curl with my next pregnancy, Darcy! It is my dream to have curls;) I went out and bought nailpolish and painted my nails after reading your comment! Thanks for the inspiration:)


Anonymous said...

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anonymous said...

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