Monday, November 27

Suggestions for Fun and Feminine Exercise...

Wear a pedometer to measure the miles or steps you take in a day. Try to increase how much you walk each day.

Borrow different exercise videos from the Library or from friends. Once you find type of exercise that you like, invest in a few DVDs for yourself and use them frequently.

Spend time taking walks, hikes, or bike rides.

Go the extra "mile:" park your car farther away from entrances, walk to get the paper or pick up the mail, or even put on some music and take a twirl around your kitchen!

Play games from your youth: hopscotch, jumping jacks, hop on one foot as long as possible, or run sprints.

Play sports like tennis, badminton, basketball, or ping pong.

Lace up your roller skates or ice skates.

Jump rope.

Play tag, hide-and-seek or manhunt.

Take an exercise class.

Get an exercise partner for taking walks, going to the gym, etc.

Bat a balloon around and try not to let it hit the floor.

Photo Courtesy of Jack Mulqueeney.


Anna said...


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I sense a kindred spirit. . .


Mimi said...

Great ideas. Don't forget strolling hand in hand with dear hubby -- especially on moonlit walks.

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