Friday, November 17

Femininity Challenge - Thursday

Yesterday was a good day for feminine pursuits in our house! The baby and I enjoyed a shopping trip to Walmart where we bought some necessities as well as some frivolities: She got two little cotton hats to keep her bald head warm and her mama got a bath pillow for the tub and a very pale shade of pink nail polish to paint her nails.

On our way home, we stopped at our local health food store for a few things and finally, we popped into the children's bookshop located next door. Though we were just supposed to window shop, I couldn't resist "Peek-a-boo! (" My mom had a copy for us when we were children and I absolutely love the illustrations!

After putting the baby to bed, I spent some time relaxing, picking up the house, and painting my nails. It is a nice feeling to have them done! I feel very glamorous!

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