Monday, October 30

Christian Charm Course...

Awhile ago, I picked up a book entitled "Christian Charm Course." It is a neat little book that is quite outdated in appearance, but contains some true gems. Here is one of them:

Increasing Femininity
By Emily Hunter
A Trim and Disciplined Body
Careful Grooming
Dainty, Pretty Clothes
Youthful, Girlish Styles
Quiet, Conservative Dress
Fresh Faced Makeup
Soft, Clean Hair
A Ready Smile
A Delicate Fragrance
Clean, Lovely Hands
Abstention from Tobacco
Abstention from Alcohol
Clean Speech
Purity of Thought and Life
A Lovely, Graceful Walk
A Manner of Sitting Prettily
Queen-like Posture
Soft, Gentle Speech
Pleasant Vocal Tones
A Refined Vocabulary
A Kind Tongue
A Reverent Attitude
A Peace Loving Disposition
Self Control
Thoughtfulness of Others
Ladylike Reserve
Sincerity and Naturalness
A Forgiving Disposition
Self Respect
Unblemished Integrity
Sexual Purity

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