Friday, October 27

My Basic Fall and Winter Wardrobe...

I have always been interested in building a wardrobe that consisted of a few high quality pieces rather than a lot of cheap items that I had to toss after a season. I also like to have a basic plan of what I have and need to get so that I can stay focused when I'm purchasing clothing and accessories. When I was teaching, I had a slightly more dressy wardrobe than I do now that I stay at home with a baby. I have been working on re-building my wardrobe bit by bit. Here is my current wardrobe capsule for Fall and Winter.

Skirts: long brown tweed, dark brown knit*, taupe and blue plaid, acorn and dark brown plaid, grey plaid, and black knit**

Tops: taupe henley*, brown vee-neck cardigan*, white boat neck tee, brown scoop neck tee, white button down, and black knit wrap sweater

Accessories: black dress shoes, black boots, black bag
brown dress shoes**, brown boots**, brown bag**

Jewelry: drop earrings, cross and chain, wedding band and engagement ring, bracelet, and

Though I have many other clothes in my closet, the majority don't fit me now due to baby weight and nursing. I also have quite a few handbags, scarves, pins, etc. so that I can try to mix it up a bit. Interestingly enough though, with six bottoms and six tops, I have 36 different outfits that I can wear!

*: purchased at Eddie Bauer recently
**: hope to purchase in the future

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