Saturday, October 21

A Properly Set Table...

"You'll fight me on this, but table linens civilize and enhance our meals, and our kids need to know about such things. Absolutely worth the starching and ironing, and if you don't use them every day, use them on Sunday."

-Jan Karon

Hubby and I have gotten into a runt, let me tell you! While we were living in our little apartment, we ate our meals at the coffee table in the living room. We had to do this because our dining room ceiling leaked almost from the moment we began renting. It was so bad that we ended up pushing our dining table and chairs against the wall in a very untidy heap to save them from permanent damage.

Now that we've moved into the rented rectory, we not only have a spacious dining room that houses our dining table and six chairs, but we have a large enough kitchen that that allows us to have a small table and four chairs in it! Despite the fact that we have two perfectly good tables and a multitude of chairs to use for meal times, we choose to sit on our futon hunched over the coffee table to eat!

I am going to change this horrifying habit once and for all! I am going to purchase a tablecloth, place mats, and cloth napkins! I have always wanted to use hemstitched table linens in a deep, dark brown. Our dishes are a beautiful creamy shade of white and in my mind's eye they would look beautiful together! I just know that our meal tonight would have been so much more enjoyable if it were eaten at a properly set table!

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