Sunday, October 29

Keeping Home Before a Trip...

We will be going on a little trip for several days this coming week. Before we leave on short trips that take us away from our little home overnight (or in this case, several nights), I like to do several things to make our home a bit more cozy for when we return.

  • First, I try to do any laundry that we may have. I make sure that it is dry and put away so that I have less to do when we come home with dirty clothes from the trip and so that we have clean things to wear when we come home.
  • Next, I replace the linens in our house. I put fresh towels in the bathrooms and kitchen and clean sheets on our beds. A fresh tablecloth is also a nice touch.
  • I empty garbage cans and waste paper baskets. In addition, I try to get rid of any food that might spoil while we are away.
  • I make sure that the baby's diapers are freshly laundered and put in the nursery and that the nursey's diaperpail is empty and clean (I didn't do that one of the times we went away, and you wouldn't believe the smell when we returned!).
  • I refill any thing that is empty or close to it... liquid soap dispensers, tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls... etc.
  • I make sure that all dishes are clean and that the dishwasher is empty.
  • I do a general pick-up of the house and return things to their home (baby toys, books, magazines, mail, etc.

When I make sure that our home is as tidy as it can be before we leave on a trip, I can ensure that we can come home and relax without worrying about little details!


Courtney said...

A lot of the books/movies I was going to suggest have been listed already, but I did think of a few more!

Anne of the Island and Anne's House of Dreams (L.M. Montgomery) I especially like AHoD as Anne and GIlbert are setting up their first home!

A Gown of Spanish Lace (Janette Oke) Her other books as well

Anything "period" but especially Easter Parade, Meet Me in St. Louis, The Harvey Girls (parts- there's one fight scene between the dance hall girls and the Harvey girls. Not very ladylike!)

I'm sure I'll think of more!


Cherish the Home said...

I feel the same way and do many of the same things you listed when we travel. There is just something wonderful about coming home to a clean house! (o;

Have a great trip.....we'll miss you and your great posts while you're gone.


Courtney said...

I just noticed I commented on the wrong post! I was in a rush on the way to Baby's doctor visit. Sorry about that. :-)

Have a great trip!


Anonymous said...

Hi Emma!

Just wanted to say that I think this is my new favorite blog! I find myself excited each time there's a new post up!


Denial Renae said...

I try and have the house clean and fresh when we leave too. It is so nice to come home to a nice clean house! It helps to relax after a long drive and time away.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi ladies!

We just came home and it was so nice to just settle back in to our home life rather try to catch up with a mess while being exhausted!

Thank you for the book/movie recommendations, Courtney!

I appreciate the compliement, Sarah! Thank you!


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