Saturday, October 1

Pie Baking Day


Sugar Plum and I worked hard in the kitchen all day.  She cranked out Monika's Pumpkin Pie, Sour Cream Apple Pie, and Pumpkin Pie (without nuts for Grandfather Bear), while I worked on prepping the appetizers and some of the side dishes for the feast.  There will still be a bit of cooking to do on Sunday, but it will be manageable.  I'm most looking forward to setting the table.  I love to do that while everyone is occupied and it is peaceful in the kitchen.  I bought some spray roses to put into mason jar and I ironed the napkins (which I only do for dinner parties).  I'll use my white dishes and we'll put all of the food on a separate table to make it easier to fill our plates.  I really love Thanksgiving and hope it goes off without a hitch!

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