Friday, October 21

In the Fading Light

There are dishes piled in the sink, a mountain of laundry to be folded, and the bathrooms need to be cleaned, but I am content because I did all of the menu planning and marketing for this coming week (including a run to get bulk items from BJs).  It's been awhile since I was as thorough as I was this evening with the shopping, so it feels especially good to have this monumental task mostly squared away going into the weekend.  I'm hoping to slip out tomorrow for a few extras (flowers, olives, and a bottle of wine for chicken marsala one night this week), but that will be a pleasure rather than a chore. 

The light is fading earlier and earlier.  We're still waiting for the temperature to drop, but have scheduled the chimney sweep to come and prepare the fireplace because we hope that we'll be using it soon.  We have our wood stacked and ready for the minute it is cool enough.

I've been slowly preparing my autumn wardrobe.  All of my summer things are folded into a high basket in my closet (where I can get them easily during this Indian Summer) and my warmer clothes are hung and stacked right in front.  I always feel more like myself when I'm dressed in the autumn and winter. 

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elizabeth said...

I understand the feeling of relief about grocery shopping being done. And also that one feels more alive and oneself in Autumn and Winter. it's cold again here (even below 50F!) and I am SO GLAD.

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