Friday, October 28

A Quiet Friday


Last night, Sam had a great night's sleep and it carried through to two great naps today!  The children and I were able to wrap up their eighth week of lessons today during his morning snooze.  It's hard to believe that we've been in school for two months already.  

The chimney sweep came by this morning to get our fireplace ready for all of the fires we plan in the coming months.  Everything looks good, so now all we're waiting for is cooler weather.  I read The Brambly Hedge Autumn Story to the children during lunch today to get us in the autumnal mood.  I'm glad that sweet stories like these still captivate our trio.

Father John has been slowly watching the Star Wars movies with the kids every Friday night and tonight was the final movie.  While they watched The Force Awakens, I gave Sam a night long bath and we diligently worked through a massive laundry pile with a few breaks for snacks.  

It's hard to believe that we only have two days left with Sampson before his mama, papa, and baby sister return.  We're going to miss him!


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Melanie said...

Great minds think alike! We just got done watching all the Star Wars movies with the children. It was our Thursday night activity. Walking/Jogging at the park followed by movie night.

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