Sunday, October 2



Our Thanksgiving with my husband's side of the family was very nice.  I wasn't able to find a turkey, so I just made a whole chicken and a lot of chicken breasts and that worked well.  Next year, I plan to make a little more of each dish so that I send people home with leftovers. 

One of the things that made our feast a little smoother was the addition of a buffet table (which we set up in the sun room adjacent to the dining room).  Normally I like to place all of the foods on the main table and serve family style.  Our family has grown larger and the dishes full of food are usually fresh from the oven and piping hot.  With a buffet table, everyone was able to choose what they wanted easily without burning their fingers.  I also liked that we said the blessing for the meal after everyone had filled their plates and returned to their seats.  This meant that no one was eating prior to everyone being served.  It was so civilized! 

Sugar Plum and Little Man baked three pies for our feast (with supervision, obviously).  In addition to our usual Monika's Pumpkin Pie and Sour Cream Apple Pie, Sugar Plum also made a plain pumpkin pie.  It was a huge success and will added to future Thanksgiving feasts.  

One of the best things about hosting large meals is the fact that we have a smattering of leftovers to enjoy this week.  There is a good amount of pie left...  perfect for a sliver to combat a the late afternoon slump! 

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elizabeth said...

that's really nice! I can imagine how tiring it would be! beautiful pictures! great idea about the buffet table and timing of the blessing prayers!

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