Friday, September 30

Pale Pink Chrysanthemums

This Sunday is our Fauxgiving celebration with my husband's side of the family.  I spent the day cleaning the house, which really needed it.  The last time things got a good scrubbing was mid-August when Metropolitan Tikhon came, but things have been busy with Father John's sickness and recovery, the start of school, and visits from family.  It felt so good to get everything in order, though.

One of the things that needed a little attention was the porch.  I tidied everything up and then took a little drive to the nursery for some pretty chrysanthemums .  I was looking for white ones (like I usually buy), but these pale pink beauties just called my name.  When I took them home, I couldn't believe how nicely they went with the stone on the porch floor and the lovely pumpkins we bought on the first day of autumn.  

Tomorrow is a big cooking day for me.  Sugar Plum is excited to try her hand at pie baking this year.  We have and apple pie and two different types of pumpkin pie planned.


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Chrysanthemums are my favourite too. I love to decorate my home specially the lounge area with these beauty. I too like it in white color but this pale pink color also looks so beautiful.

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