Wednesday, September 14

Drawing and Tidying


My new favorite thing to do is to draw my clothes.  I still have to add my jeans, boots, shawl, and light coat to my autumnal wardrobe page.  I'm no artist, but there's something soothing about drawing things out.

 I've been happily wearing the chambray skirt that my sister made for me last week.  It looks so nice with all of my three-quarter sleeved target shirts and my summer sandals.  I wonder how long it will be before I can trade them for my beloved tights and boots. 

 I organized my closet tonight, putting away some of my summer clothes (mainly the things that are white) and carefully folding and hanging everything nicely.  I still have to go through all of the children's clothing putting away the warm weather things and bringing out the cold weather ones, but there will be at least a few more weeks of warm weather to enjoy.  


Bonnie said...

For the first time in I don't know how long, I've enjoyed coming up with a fall wardrobe (influenced by some of your clothing posts, though you are a little taller, we share a similar build so it gave a me a little idea of how things would look on a taller person), and have been slowly accumulating the pieces and fabrics to make what I need. I'm still trying to find a pair of heeled brown oxfords (size 11 and wides because being size 11 isn't bad enough) in my price range, ballet flats for the warmer days, and a new bag. Which brings me to my questions: What brand of tights have you been happiest with, and where did you get your bangles? My hands are big and ever since I was a kid I've lamented not being able to wear bangle bracelets!
Have a good weekend!
Bonnie (farming in my apron on IG)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Bonnie! Thanks for your comment! I loved hearing about your wardrobe plans. I buy tights from Walmart... they have tall and they seem to hold up to abuse (I often forget to throw them into a lingerie bag when I wash them). I think that they are Cherokee brand. My bangles are from etsy. The shop is called tiny silver and I chose the large size. Here's the link:

See you on IG soon!

Bonnie said...

Thank-you Emily! (and I found my oxfords- they arrived yesterday, I'm so excited!)

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