Sunday, September 25

Dress Shopping

My sisters, mother, and I converged to a little shop in a small coastal town to pick out and buy Anna's wedding dress today!  Because the appointment for the shop was at 2 pm, the children and I woke up very early and drove to one of my favorite churches for Sunday Liturgy.  Afterward, we met up with everyone and ate a delicious lunch at a diner where we were treated like long-lost family!  The atmosphere was so great!

Anna tried on a few dresses and by the end of our appointment, she had picked the winner!  She looks so gorgeous in the gown and I can't wait to show you photographs of her in it in the spring.  We'll be getting together soon to choose bridesmaid dresses and outfits for the children.  Weddings are such exciting times!

We all went our separate ways after the dress appointment and I decided to treat the children to dinner at their favorite restaurant as a reward for being so helpful and good humored during the long drive, church, and dress shopping.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

that's so wonderful! what a lovely day to remember and thank God for!!! Can't *wait* to see her dress!!!!

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