Monday, September 19

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead

In The Kitchen
Our daughter has wanted to learn how to cook and bake for awhile now and I have made a concerted effort the past couple of weeks to teach her the little I know.  Our strategy, thus far, has been to have her help prepare different parts of our meals on a daily basis and also to bake once or twice a week.  When she really likes making an item, she copies the recipe onto a card for her recipe box.  We've also been going over proper kitchen safety and cooking etiquette (asking before you begin, checking to see that we have the ingredients needed for a specific recipe, cleaning up your work space, etc.) and it has been a lot of fun for the two of us!

I don't know where I heard Debussy first, but I love listening to his music.  I found Debussy:  Piano Favorites available for free for Prime Members and have been enjoying it very much.  My favorite piece is Clair de Lune...  have a listen below:

On My Bedside Table
I bought a gently used copy of Excellent Women by Barbara Pym and am enjoying it very much.  Pym's writing reminds me of Miss Read, who is my favorite authoress.  I'm looking forward to reading more!

Season 2 of Poldark begins this coming Sunday on Masterpiece and I cannot wait!

Thought the weather is still pretty warm and humid, I have started to really get into the autumnal spirit.  I retrieved some of my pumpkin decorations from the attic last night and Sugar Plum made Apple Bread tonight.  I'm going to check the store to see if I can find a pumpkin candle like we had last year.  This is such a wonderful time of the year!

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