Tuesday, March 20

Feminine Inspiration: Make People Like You...

Today, make people smile at you by your interest in them. By night you should have at least a dozen small triumphs in your collection. Add your own ideas to the following suggestions:

1. Keep your voice soft, lilting, and uncomplaining.

2. Neither think nor speak one single criticism.

3. Write a gay little note to someone. Perhaps a solider?

4. Let not one sigh rise from your heart.

5. Spend five minutes looking at some beautiful scene. realize that you do not have to buy beauty to possess it.

6. Sing! When the water runs if you want to drown out the sound of it - but sing for your soul's sake and your charm's sake.

7. Pour strong mental germicide on any lurking self-pity - realize that you are privileged to live in momentous times and must be worthy of them.

8. Love something - if only a rag doll.

In other words, get a more pleasant "rise" out of everyone and yourself! Just this alone will make life sweeter, more responsive, more helpful and noble.
The Woman You Want To Be
Margery Wilson's Complete Book of Charm


Anonymous said...

What wonderful inspiration for someone having a rough day! Thanks!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I'm glad that it helped you, Andrea!

Lauren said...

The part about living in a momentous times really struck me, and then I realized that this was written in 1928!

How much more we must strive to be worthy of the times *we* live in.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, here via Kimberley of Vintage Hearts. This is my first visit and it's really, really lovely here.

I particularly appreciate this list, as this is a book I've been looking for for some time (I have a copy of her Pocket Book of Etiquette from 1940).

I'll be back!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Cin!

Welcome! I got my copy off of Amazon. Maybe there are more:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma - thanks for that recommendation - I will certainly look online. Sadly, the second-hand bookstores in my urban jungle tend more towards trashy paperbacks than classics like these.

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