Thursday, March 15

Fashion Rules...

Here is a snippet from a recent newsletter sent to me by Susan Sommers of Dresszing. Her business offers services like: style and color analysis, wardrobe development (my specialty is showing how to Shop Your Closet, and create 20 new looks from what you own), personal shopping and etiquette and business interaction. I also develop and deliver corporate programs on personal branding, visual presence and business interaction. Check out her website and sign up for her free newsletter... it's definitely worth it!

"Since you're probably starting to think about your spring wardrobe, I though a few of my fashion "rules" might be applicable. So here goes:

1. Do more with less. Did you know that with the right 17 garments, you could create over 40 outfits, without repeating any? Notice, I said the right garments: those that suit your lifestyle, flatter your body and make you feel great. I've gotten into the habit of buying a fabulous suit every season that I wear together and as separates. This year, it's a brown Michael Kors skirt suit with a short fitted jacket and removable "leopard" collar. I wear the jacket either with or without the collar, paired with tweed pants, brown suede pants, brown flannel pants, camel pants, a multi-hued skirt and others and team the skirt with an assortment of different pullovers, cardigans and jackets. I can create a minimum of 15 outfits from that suit. And I feel terrific in every one of them.

2. Base your wardrobe on neutral shades. Select no more than two as your core colors. Neutrals work well together and they send a more executive message. Remember, the deeper the hue, the more authority it conveys. Use pastels or brights as accent shades.

3. Check the fit. The better clothing fits, the more expensive it looks. If you have a choice between costly clothing that's too big or too small or more affordable clothing that fits perfectly, opt for the latter. Ill-fitting garments undermine your confidence and your power. They don't look the money and worse, they don't look good.

4. Personalize your look with accessories. You can stay true to your style and still portray a professional image (especially if you work for a conservative company) by using accessories wisely. Choose a signature, be it ropes of pearls, interesting shoes, antique pins or even a colorful flower on your lapel to make yourself memorable.

5. Dress for the day. If you're in IT and intend to be crawling around rewiring computers, don't wear your best suit. And if you're going to a meeting with clients, don't wear jeans and a tee shirt. Match your outfit to the occasion and remember, in business, it's better to err on the side of formality."


Darcy said...

I love this part - "...with the right 17 garments, you could create over 40 outfits, without repeating any." I need to continue to get better at this!

I think I remember you demonstrating this in pictures with your maternity wardrobe on your previous blog. (??) (I've been reading for awhile!) I was amazed at how you could just switch things around and make completely new outfits because you had bought the correct pieces.

I don't take time to comment much but just want you to know I've learned so much about feminine dressing from reading your blog. I've enjoyed 'window shopping' at places you've linked to like Boden ( J. Jill. I have even started wearing more skirts because of this! I love your style and have often thought after reading your posts "She would be fun to go shopping with!" :)

Thanks for the inspiration!


MamaBirdEmma said...

Thank you, Darcy! Your comment mde my day!

I am fascinateed by the concept of own a few fabulous pices and combining them in different ways to make new outfits! I am still trying to get better at doing this and am determined to one day have a slim wrdrobe that I LOVE!

Genuine Lustre said...

What a lovely blog you have. Keep it coming.

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