Thursday, October 23

Revised Daily Routines...

Lately, I've felt that our daily routine has not been working as well for us as it could be. I am a procrastinator by nature, but it seems like fewer of the things on my list are getting done each day. I had a little time this morning to tweak things and I hope this little routine will work a little better for us! I'm hoping that it will help us with our tendency to aimlessly wander around wondering what to do next! Of course there will be days when we have to go out in the morning or will have a church service, are entertaining guests, etc. This is just a guide for our days and I try to not obsess if things don't get done when I want them to!

Daily Routine

Early Morning (before 9 am)

  • Rise and Shine (getting dressed, teeth, faces, hair)
  • Breakfast and Vitamins
  • Walk
  • Homeschooling Activities
  • Lunch and Dinner Prep.


  • Morning Prayers (We do this as a family, so we need to wait for Papa to be ready.)
  • Tidy Up and Laundry
  • Reading Time
  • Organizing and Daily Projects
  • Bible Stories and Nap


  • Lunch
  • Tidy Up and Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Outside Adventure or Playtime and Tea
  • Gardening


  • Dinner
  • Walk (we'll do this before dinner in the Autumn and Winter b/c it is too dark once dinner is done)
  • Evening Prayers
  • Reading Time
  • Bedtime Routine

Late Evenings (Once the children are asleep)

  • Tidy House, Garbage, and Recycling
  • Wash Kitchen Linens or Diapers
  • Bathtime for Mama
  • Lay Out Clothing (So that we can go on a walk in the morning without waking Papa Bear!)
  • Evening Relaxing Time

Cleaning Schedule

  • Monday: Clean Bathrooms, Wash Towels, Garbage
  • Tuesday: Clean Bedrooms and Wash Bedding
  • Wednesday: Clean Office, Laundry Room, Hall, and Steps
  • Thursday: Clean the Reading Room and Family Room
  • Friday: Clean the Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Saturday: Clean the Porches, Tidy the Garden, and Car


Mimi said...

I've been waking up entirely too late recently.

What a lovely flower - what is it?

Courtney said...

Ugh. I hear you. I spend time each day staring at my daily rhythm and daily/weekly chore sheets on the fridge then deliberately walking away. We were doing okay today until you-kn-ow-what arrived, but stil that's only one day in five. I like your goals of things to accomplish before 9:00. I used to do something similar except my goal was to have things done by nap time, but then found myself flying off the handle and snapping at DS trying to cram everything in (not to discourage you). Now, however, I find myself drifting to the other extreme. I didn't even start laundry today until 11 AM!

Anonymous said...

After a couple of really crazy weeks with family emergencies, I really need to get back on track. So this was very encouraging for me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this. With a not-so-newborn (6 months) and a 2 year old (and a new house), my routine has become ... not-one. This is a good bit of inspiration to get back to business :-)
(love the blog. thanks)

Phyllis said...

Thank you! We have a Papa Bear, too, and laying out clothes the night before was just the solution that I needed to help us get out the door to walk in the mornings.

Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed reading your schedule. Again, you have given me lots of ideas!

God Bless,

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