Tuesday, October 7

Combining a Handbag and Diaper Bag into One...

When I became a mother in 2006, I decided that I was not going to carry a diaper bag because I love handbags too much!!

I have found that totes or larger bags work best when being used to carry baby things and purse things.

Here is what my bag looks like full:

Though I sometimes have some baby clothes tucked in my bag, this is the minimum that I carry: A pouch with diapers, kid sunglasses, hair bows, and teething tablets, a traveling wipes container, and a receiving blanket to use as a nursing cover.

The rest of the things in my bag are pretty normal for every woman: sunglasses (I need a case!), wallet, pouch with keys, pens and lollipops, makeup, and a cell

How do you carry everything?


Courtney said...

When we were in-between babies (after DS1 was potty trained and before DS2 was born), I carried a large-ish handbag like that. It was large enough for normal purse things, a water bottle, a snack, a folding potty seat (thank goodness he's beyond that now!) and en extra pair of undies for our toddler.

Now that we're back to babyland, I carry my purse and a diaper bag. Typically, I leave my diaper bag in the car and only carry my handbag. I only bring the diaper bag into stores and venues if we're planning on being in there for a while and I know I'll probably need it. For example, we had four or five errands in the mall and had lunch, so I stashed it in the bottom of the stroller.

Michelle said...

I have never been much of a purse girl. I stick my bank card and ID in my pocket and am good to go. Since having kids I usually have a diaper bag with my wallet in it. I have been experimenting with large-ish bags lately instead of traditional diaper bags. I have a new backpack diaper bag that I am really liking! You are so put together!

Mimi said...

I need a new purse, that one is lovely.

And, you carry lollypops in your purse? You are so cool.

Erin said...

I love the Lands End little tripper diaper bag (http://www.landsend.com/pp/LittleTripperDiaperBag~89159_-1.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::ADB&CM_MERCH=SRCH_00001&origin=search). The front pocket has room for my things; the large pocket fits Lizzie's things, and the bottle pockets have proved invaluable for everything from receiving blankets to a sling to a nursing cover to sippy cups--never a bottle for us, but I'm sure it works well for that too.

faerieeva said...

I've had several types of diaper bags, but like you ended up using a nice, big purse. I had a white one that is currently trying to air out after a sippy cup spilled in it. It's been a few weeks b ut I can't get the smell out of the lining it seems.
I do use backpacks for big trips like weekends away etc and am very fond of the eagle creek diaper backpack.
I am waiting to buy myself the One Step ahead backback as well. But for now I am mainly looking for a nice big purse again.

mamajuliana said...

For the first time ever I made the switch to a leather sling handbag this fall. I always have carried a BIG handbag...even after my kids were over the age of 'needing' to carry all their baby necessities.

Our daughter is much older now( 9th grade)-but I still must carry meds for her along with other med related supplies...so I still need the room.

I always look longingly at the ladies who can carry those cute small purses.

...maybe someday.

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