Sunday, November 18

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Tutorial...

In order to make a pretty centerpiece for your table, you will need one clay pot, paint, a paintbrush, floral foam, silk (or dried or real) flowers, wire cutters (if you are using silk flowers), scissors, and ribbon.

1. Begin with a clean and dry clay pot.

2. Paint your pot.

3. Once your pot is dry, cut some floral foam to fit snugly inside. Push it in and blow away any foam dust.

4. Select the flowers that you would like to use. Cut the stems to desired length.

5. Arrange your flowers in your pot, pushing into the floral foam very firmly. Tie a ribbon bow around your pot and enjoy!

Note: The flowers that I used were silk ones from Michael's. Since they are Fall ones, they were a whopping 90% off! That means that each branch (originally $4.99) was about 50 cents!!!

Go there now!! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for that, it will go perfectly with the holiday flowers that I already picked.

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