Tuesday, November 6

Taking the Chill Out of Your House...

When we returned home from being away several days, our house was very dark and quite chilly. Here's what I did to being the warmth back in:
  • We quickly toted everything into the house from the car. Now if we have errands to run tomorrow, there will be no shopping bags, bits of trash, overnight cases or toys in the way.
  • While Hubby got the mail and brought in the garbage can, I started working on a quick and filling dinner (baked ziti and a pan of brownies!)... cooking food always warms up the house!
  • The next step was to change the baby, turn up the heat (it was off to save energy while we we away), flick on the computer, and switch on a light upstairs. Fr. John was able to keep up with his business while we were away, but there are always e-mails to be written and while he is waiting for dinner is the perfect time to work on them!
  • To spread the cheer, I lit a few candles downstairs and started putting things away from our trip before dinner. When things are tidy, life seems a bit more easy to manage.
  • Now that dinner is over, the dishes are done, and a head-achy husband is tucked into a nest on the couch, it is time to snuggle down with a sleeping baby, brownies, and a book in the big bed!
Painting by Carl Larsson


Anonymous said...

My Grandmother (my Dad's mom, he grew up very,very poor) always said that lighting a candle made a room feel warmer. I think its true too! Something about having a flickery flame just makes one feel so much more warm and cozy!

nannykim said...
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nannykim said...

ooo, those are two of my husbands favorite things--brownies and ziti!! It has been in the 30's even here in SC!!

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