Thursday, November 29

Test Your Knowledge of Church History...

This quiz is going to appear in the bulletin this Sunday (shh... you're getting a sneak peek!). My husband has taken all of the questions from the class that he taught this past Monday, Orthodoxy 101: Saint Constantine the Great (4th century) to the Great Schism between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church (11th century).

Orthodoxy 101 - Quiz Two
  1. What 6th century saintly Byzantine emperor outlined the idea of Symphony between Church and State?
  2. What does the word "Jihad" mean in Arabic?
  3. How many Ecumenical Councils were there?
  4. (True or False) The Nicaean Creed was written to correct false teachings.
  5. (True or False) According to Islamic law, Christians are free to practice their faith in the Arabian peninsula provided they do so in the privacy of their own homes.
  6. How many natures and wills does Christ have? What are they?
  7. Which Ecumenical Council upheld the veneration of icons?
  8. (True or False) A skete is a very large monastery where every monk and nun follows the same practice and discipline as the others.
  9. In what year did the Great Schism between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches occur?
  10. What does the Latin word "Filioque" mean?
Post your answers in the comments section! I will put up the answer key in a few days!


Genuine Lustre said...

2 - holy war
4- true
6 - 2 natures - divine and human, one will - the Father's.
10-filioque - refers to the phrase in the creed, "which proceedeth from the Father and the Son."

Kyriaki said...

1. idea, forgive me.
2. Holy War
3. 7 that the Church counts
4. True
5. False
6. Two natures, God and man. One will, the will of God. There are a bunch of heresies that dispute this, and lots of Church teachings rebutting them!
7. The seventh (in defense of holy icons)
8. Um...false?
9. 1054? I suck at dates.
10. and the Son (I think)

I think I need to read my history again... otherwise my Priest's going to ask me a question and catch me out!

Annecourager said...

Ooh, fun~! I'll bite. I'm not "Orthodox" big O, but, I pray that I am orthodox. :)

1) My best guess is Justinian the Just. Wouldn't be Constantine, too early.

2) "Jihad" means struggle

3) no clue!

4) True

5) Not completely sure. Technically they are allowed to practice their own religion - if they pay a tax, and do not build new buildings or maintain their current buildings. Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians are accorded this privilege. Hindus and other polytheistic religions are not given this chance. They must submit or die.

6) Fully God, Fully Man, one will.

7) This is a "Big O" orthodox question. So I don't know.

8) I think so.

9) 1054.

10) Something to do with Jesus the Son. :)

Mimi said...

Ok, I'm not looking at the other answers:

1. St. Justin
2. Struggle
3. 7
4. True. And as a Baptismal confession
5. True (?)
6. Two - Divine and Human
7. 7th
8. False.
9. 1054
10. And the Son

Mimi said...

Whoops, I forgot to answer the second part of #6.

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