Sunday, November 25

Hospital Packing List..

Since our last trip to the hospital to have a baby was rather unexpected (our daughter was born a month early after I developed pre-ecclampsia) and I never got to enjoy packing a hospital bag, I've already compiled a list of things I'd like to bring. Is there anything that I'm missing that you more experienced moms had and found helpful?

Hospital Packing List
  • Birth plan
  • Insurance card and hospital paperwork
  • Hairbrush and hair clips
  • Lip moisturizer
  • Bathrobe, nightgowns, slippers, and several pairs of socks
  • Book, magazine, puzzle book, paper, and pens
  • Money
  • Toiletries, change of clothes, snacks, book, camera, and video camera for Fr. John
  • Snacks for after the birth and hard candy for during
  • Nursing bras and lots of underwear
  • Toiletries for me
  • Music
  • Water bottles
  • List of people and their telephone numbers to call after baby is born
  • Going home outfits for mama and baby
  • Blanket, hat, booties, and sweater for baby
  • Diaper bag with things for big sister and baby
  • Maxi pads
  • Gift for big sister from baby
  • Birth announcements, envelopes, stamps, and address book
  • Bottle of Sparkling Cider


Meg said...

Don't forget winter wrappings for the baby! Do you have a bunting, or a winter grow-bag, or snowsuit? What about what we used to call "receiving blankets," those thin flannel blankets that are so good for swaddling a baby? (Swaddling is considered old-fashioned, but sometimes it settles them right down -- heaven alone knows why.)

Xenia Kathryn said...

BREATH MINTS or breath-bettering gum! It's helpful for hubby to have a fresh-breathed wife breathing into his face during those transition contractions. :D I speak from experience. OR when you've been awake for 16+ hours in the hospital and you can't remember the last time you even brushed your teeth. :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Meg!

Thanks for reminding me! We have a thing that zips onto the baby seat and snuggles the wee one in. It will be perfect for the ride home!

I didn't even think of that, XK! That was a problem last time, if I recall! ;)

Buffy said...

What a useful list.

Courtney said...

I'm going to save this list. I think I've mentioned before that I didn't pack my bag last time very well. I was SO SURE I'd be overdue that I kept putting it off! Luckily, I had mentally planned it so I had least had the basics! I like the idea of having the sparkling cider! Oh, and don't forget a prayerbook or Bible. I know having mine (and my Rosary) was quite helpful!

Mommy Bee said...

I have had three babies now, and I find my list of things to pack gets shorter and shorter each time! One thing I ALWAYS brought with me was a large bottle of extremely fancy body wash--I'm partial to the Philosophy 3-in-1's. After getting all messy and sweaty, it feels so good to get into a hot steamy shower with mountains of sweetly-scented bubbles. Oh, and don't forget a razor! Last time I thought I wouldn't need one since I was planning on coming home as soon as they'd let me go. Big mistake! I ended up staying there 4 days due to Lyla's jaundice. Big, stubbly mistake!

Anonymous said...

My babies were both born at home, so it's not exactly the same, but one thing that I really appreciated after getting out of the birth pool was a nice warm pair of socks. Everything else can be cold and messy, but it all seems so much more bearable with thick cozy socks.

Oh yes, I also enjoyed having jolly ranchers to suck on when the contractions made me queasy.

Anonymous said...

..Looks like a wonderful list!! Just be careful with the hard candy ( putting on my mom voice now) you don't want to be sucking, panting and blowing and have the thing in your wind pipe!!!
( I know I know... I always was a worry wart!!!!!)

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