Tuesday, August 21

Why Study Home Economics?


Tammy said...

This was interesting to watch. I was surprised at how the mother was "put down" as being unable to help her daughter learn how to take care of her future home. Thankfully the only excuse for the mother's inability was that she was too busy, not that she wasn't smart enough. And then the clip goes on to say what will be taught...and much of their course were things that could easily be assimilated at home: family togetherness, families working together, resolving family conflicts, etc.

Now, if only home ec classes such as the one on this clip were taught today!

Anonymous said...

I loved this video! Here is an article that fits your post:
"Baptist seminary launching homemaking program" at http://www.dallasnews.com/

It seems that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary sees the need for a Home Economics curriculum, too. We have raised a couple generations now that have NO IDEA how to run a home...maybe a turn around is coming!

Mrs. Cote said...

Great clip! Makes me wish I'd gone to a school that had such a curriculum. I learned many of the sciences they mentioned so I kind of worked it in reverse by applying the homemaking mindset to what I studied after ;)

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