Wednesday, August 1

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"What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.
-Jane Austen

With summer heat, comes a bountiful array of beautiful seasonal fruits and vegetables, gorgeous weather, lazy days spent by the ocean or pool, and many invitations to barbecues, fireworks, ball games, and picnics. Despite the wonders of summertime, there is a reason that many refer to these long, hot days as the dog-days of summer. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool and enjoy the season with as much grace as possible.

  • Use seashells, flowers, and other summer-y treats to bring the outside indoors. Decorate with simple and inexpensive (or free!) accessories that play up the season and interest your family, friends, and guests.
  • Choose clothing fabrics that will keep you cool rather than warm. Linen is classic and looks great even if it is a little wrinkled!
  • Incorporate as much fresh produce into your menus as possible... not only will the food taste delicious, but you'll be saving money!
  • Keep your body lotion in the refrigerator. On a long hot night, keeping your skin moisturize will never be so attractive!
  • Purchase oscillating fans to cool your rooms down. There are many attractive fan styles to choose from, so you need not be worried that owning and using one will cramp your style!
  • Keep your feet well cared for during the summer. Even if you don't wear polish, your feet will look and feel fabulous when your nails and cuticles and trimmed and well moisturized!
  • Take advantage of your garden or the inexpensive prices at the farmer's markets by freezing, canning or pickling your excess produce. You will be able to enjoy delicious food all year long.
  • Remember to wear sunblock!
  • Dine al fresco if at all possible. There is nothing like enjoying a lovingly prepared meal in nature!
  • Purchase pretty sandals or slides to wear all summer long.
  • Prepare a large pitcher of lemonade, limeade, or iced tea and serve it in frosted glasses.
  • Lighten your makeup load by only wearing a few products in summer-y colors... let your skin shine through!
  • Invite people for a barbecue. If you lack space bring your guests to a park for a picnic and games.
  • Wear a skirt... they are much cooler that capri pants and much more attractive than shorts!
  • Bake during the coolest part of the day to keep the kitchen from becoming unbearable!
  • Drink water.
  • Increase your curb appeal (especially during the hot month of August when grass turns brown) by hanging out a flag or bunting, putting a wreath on the door and keeping your flowers watered.
  • Experiment with different hairstyles and hair accessories that keep your hair off of your neck.
  • Read more.
  • Set up the sprinkler and get someone to join you in a little bit of summer-time fun!
Summer - Frank Weston Benson


Annie-emmy said...

wonderful tips for summer. I often wonder how I coped with the heat & humidity when I wore pants! Light, breezy dresses and skirts are sooooo much cooler!

Mimi said...

I agree, great tips! I love linen.

Mrs. Cote said...

Thank you for more great ideas! As a long haired girl I especially agree with you on hairstyle experimentation :)

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