Tuesday, August 21

Ideas for Simple Sandwiches and Their Relatives: Grilled or Braised Vegetables...

Grilled or Braised Vegetables
  • Basic Sandwich: Mozzarella cheese, fresh herb vinaigrette, and focaccia or French or Italian bread
  • Prosciutto, garlic mayonnaise, and focaccia
  • Sprouts or your choice, hoisin sauce, and pita bread or rice paper
  • Sliced mangoes, fresh tamarind chutney, and pita bread
  • Grated lemon zest, cream cheese, and thickly sliced white bread
  • Watercress or arugula, sauce Andalouse, and sourdough bread
  • Monterey Jack cheese, salsa verde cruda, and tortillas or Italian bread
  • Romaine lettuce, red onion marmalade, and focaccia or French bread
If you would like the Joy of Cooking recipe for any of the dressings listed, just leave a comment and I will try to post it for you!


Mommy Bee said...

Thank you for all these wonderful sandwich combinations! There is nothing quite like a well-made, hearty sandwich made with delicious ingredients. It's a meal you can eat with one hand!

I saw a show on the Food Network a while back where the host of the show had three different spinning wheels (like the one on Wheel of Fortune). One had different types of bread, another jams and jellies, and the last different cheeses. He had people spin the wheels to make a combination and basically proved that any kind of jam with any kind of cheese on any kind of bread makes one delicious grilled cheese sandwich. I use his advice all the time, and mozzarella & boysenberry on wheat has fast become one of my favorites!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Your sandwich suggestions are very inspiring! Instead of the usual boring sandwich at lunch today, I will stretch my wings and try something different!

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