Tuesday, July 31

Five Days and Five Nights...

Anyone who has visited this blog (or my last one) for awhile, knows that I love talking about clothing and frequently toy with the idea of creating the perfect wardrobe out of a few good pieces. I recently came across the site Travel Smith and they are advertising an interesting concept: Get ready for five days and five nights with ten pieces of clothing! While the style of clothes is not necessarily my cup of tea, the concept is great. Their wardrobe list includes the following in only four colors- denim, white, black, and red:

Trench Coat(like) Jacket
Boot Cut Jean
White Button Down Shirt
Pin Tuck Shirt
Multi-Gore Skirt
Black Trousers
lacy Wrap
Suede Pumps
Shimmer Tank
Stretch Belt

One of the great things is that the pieces shown on this website are not exclusive... If you don't have one of these basic items, it can easily be found in a local store. In addition, the clothing is relatively timeless, so you will be fashionable for several years, not just a few months!

Would you ever consider a wardrobe this small (or maybe only a little bit bigger)? I must say that it appeals to me very much, but I wonder if after awhile I'd get bored.


Jess Connell said...

Like you say, sounds interesting, and somewhat appealing, but very limited, and my fear would certainly be boredom.

I think back to my first pregnancy wardrobe, on a limited budget and how ABSOLUTELY sick I got of those 10-20 pieces. And that was just in about 5-6 months.

Those items look stylish, but when you consider having to frequently launder that many pieces so you have something to wear, it would wear out very quickly. Interesting idea. Expanded into a wardrobe of say, a few more bottoms, several to ten more tops, and a couple other pairs of shoes and possible accessories, it could be a great wardrobe!

Jess @ Making Home

Jess Connell said...

OH- and I definitely like the idea of limiting your wardrobe to simple, coordinating colors. I have done that recently (mine have been light pinks, creams, and browns to all coordinate together), and I love it... I can pair just about any top with any bottom, and all my layered tops work together.

Jess (again!)

Meredith said...

My own wardrobe is nearly that small (except for gardening and special occasion clothes). I have basic black pieces from Chico's travelers line, which is similar to Travelsmith. I stumbled across a 3 piece set at a thrift store, and I have picked up two more coordinating pieces secondhand.

Summer is a hard time to make those black pieces look different. No one wants an extra layer! But I look forward to fall, when I can mix in jackets and cardigans in brighter blues and greens.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I would definitely get bored. My closet is pretty packed (although to be fair it is a VERY small closet!) and I get bored anyway!

Speaking of maternity clothes though. I am just entering my second trimester and can easily get away without maternity clothes yet BUT where did you find attractive and MODEST maternity clothes when you were pregnant??? Everywhere I look it is the same stuff....sleeveless (which I don't wear) and short...no longer dresses or skirts at all. And prints that I would never wear...and everything exsentuates the breats....an area that needs no extra attention in my case. HELP!!!!!

Lydia said...

It's definately an interesting idea...one way to keep yourself from getting bored would be to have a couple of different seasonal wardrobes.

Courtney said...

In theory, I like the IDEA of simplicity, but in reality, I love clothes! When I was a pre-teen, I had something like you describe, and it worked for me. Somewhere along the line, though, that all changed! Must be the artist buried in there, because I love having all sorts of different items and putting them together. I'm definitely NOT frugal when it comes to wardrobe!

Kate said...

First of all, when I was pregnant, there were three places I shopped for maternity clothings: Sears, Motherhood Maternity, and Walmart. Target, Old Navy and H&M have maternity clothing too. I'm not into sleeveless and short skirts while pregnant, but that's what they offer women in summertime because pregnant women tend to get hot and women want to still look sexy while pregnant. Just keep digging. You'll find something. :) Ebay is also a great resource.

Now, on to commenting about the post... I have a book that belonged to my mother when she was a teenager in the 60's and early 70's. It's called Secrets of Loveliness. In it, it lists what every girl should have in her wardrobe. To me, it sounds quite small, but still is appealing.

I think that I too might get bored, but how many times do we tend to wear the same thing anyway! Granted, most of my clothing was given to me and I'm constantly paring it down. I will say that HAVING the choices and not using them feels better than not having any choice at all.

Like when I was pregnant, I didn't have many outfits and I got sick of wearing the same ones day after day.

Still, I'd rather have fewer outfits I love than a many outfits I only like.

Mimi said...

I'm sitting right next to Courtney, the idea is something I'm intrigued with, but I love finding a good outfit!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and try to follow it in my own life. I always have separates in my closet, and everything matches everything else. It makes for enough variety without getting bored. Also, accessories are cheap and can make any outfit look a different way if you have the right things.

That being said, having only 10 pieces would be difficult. If you couldn't get laundry done often, you could find yourself without something to wear. Also, like another poster said, to have to launder something every week would wear it out quickly. If you implemented this, you would have to make sure you bought top quality garments.

Tammy said...

I like the idea of a coordinating wardrobe, but this one does seem a bit limited. This summer I purchased 5 nice t-shirts and 2 skirts. I have a few other skirts the t-shirts go with, and I have mixed and matched all summer. For instance, one of the skirts I bought is black with white embroidery along the bottom. Three of the t-shirts are solid, so I wear those with this skirt. (Red, pink, and light orange). For my solid skirts, I wear the two printed t-shirts with them. It has worked well for me.

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