Monday, July 23

Feminine Improvements in the Powder Rooms...

The first rooms that I will be working on this week are our bathrooms. We have two and a half baths and each one really only has the bare necessities in it!

I added flowers (either faux or dried) to each bathroom and also added a few knickknacks and candles to the master bath and guest bath. I've also thought about a few pictures that I'd like to hang on the walls... Husband just needs to find some time to hang them! With the towels folded prettily and the window films we put up last week, things are much improved!

Note: While editing this post, I somehow deleted the links that some of you put up yesterday... I am so sorry about that! If you wouldn't mind, please put them up again! I only got to visit one or two and I'd like to visit the rest and comment on all! Thank you!


Rebecca said...

I look forward to seeing what improvements you make to your new home!

Courtney said...

Hmm...I should think about this. My picture projects have been halted in the past month or so. I really need to plan what I want to do with DS's room once it's complete.

Anonymous said...

I've been giving a lot of thought to our bathroom as well. It's PINK. So, you'd think it would be super feminine, right? No. I have made it less feminine over the years to accommodate dh. Now that his computer/tv room is in the basement, he can use the bathroom down there. I will make it very masculine! lol

I've wanted to do an English Rose/Shabby Chic type look and go with the pink, instead of fighting it!

I also want to paint our old cabinet and sink cupboard white.

I probably won't get started on it for another month or two, however, as I need to paint in the living room and kitchen first!



~Bren~ said...

I too, felt a need for a feminine powder room. Now that I have a daughter it was time to add some lavenders and flowers! I posted my before and after pictures on my blog.

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