Thursday, February 8

The Question of Brown vs. Black. (Part Three)...

A Few Successful Color Combinations

Pale Colors
  • White: black and all the dark and bright shades
  • Pale beige: black, browns, reds, greens
  • Pale gray: browns, dark greens, dark gray, red
  • Sky blue: browns, dark greens, raspberry, purple, beige, dark gray
  • Pink: beige, purple, navy, gray
  • Pale yellow: black, navy, brown, gray
  • Mauve: plum, brown, navy
  • Pale green: dark green, red
Dark Colors
  • Black: beige, white, toast; clear shades but not pastels such as sky blue or pink (with the exception of yellow, but only for a hat worn with black shoes, bag, and gloves)
  • Brown: white, beige, black, orange red, orange, dark green
  • Dark Gray: Beige, black, all the pale and dark colors
  • Dark green: sky blue, white, beige, bright red, pale yellow
  • Navy blue: white, lemon yellow, turquoise, raspberry, bright green, mauve
  • Plum: Sky blue
  • Dark red: black, sky blue, beige
Bright Colors
  • Blue (with violet overtones): black, white, bright green with a blueish cast
  • Turquoise (blue with greenish overtones): white, beige, toast navy blue
  • Green (blueish): navy, black, white
  • Green (yellowish): beige, white, toast
  • Golden yellow: black, white, brown
  • Lemon yellow: black, white, navy dark green, pale pink, orange
  • Orange: white, lemon, black dark green
  • Raspberry red: navy, white
  • Bright red (vermilion): brown, white
  • Purple: brown, white, sky blue, pink, turquoise
Genevieve Antoine Dariaux
A Guide to Elegance

Woman in Blue Dress Thomas Wilmer Dewing

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