Monday, February 12

More Happiness for the Love You Give...

Devotion and habit are not necessarily love, though all three often make a comfortable trio.

Imagination brings its shining ideals to love- and these ideals should be kept shining.

IF YOU HAVE LOVE, BELIEVE IN IT! Don't let doubts and fears dull its gleam. If you have love, show that you value it by little gestures of remembrance, little attentions and services to it. Your own valuation will carry its power to those you love. The beauty of small romantic services will add to your own beauty in the eyes of your loved one.

PAY HOMAGE TO LOVE! Express your happiness in words and acts! It will build up a strong fortification of beauty to defend both your hearts.

I've never seen a situation that would not respond eventually to love and joy. Patience and faith in the cure are often needed, but if one can hold out, love and joy win.

Please note the combination of love and joy. Love alone has been known to miss fire. Love can be tearful, reproachful, accusing.

Forget the blame, buy some flowers, sing a song, whip up a favorite dessert and serve it with a good story. Happiness is the flame that draws all the moths. Cultivate a joy that can withstand a few heartaches - and by the way, who are you that you shouldn't feel pain, since everybody else does? Is your heartache going to floor you, turn you into a dolorous creature, ruin your health, your talents, your mind? Really! Then perhaps heartache is just showing what a flimsy character you have.

No one can shrug or sing at the first impact of hurt or loss. The noblest of us has stifled sobs of agony in a pillow. But if we have real faith, the resilience of clean, clear minds and bodies and the ability to take our minds off ourselves, we can think with the wisdom that shows us joy is the way out.

Is it love that says "I will give the best of myself so long as you toe the mark to suit me. But if you don't do as I think you should do, I shall go to pieces and make piece out of you." Sweet, pure love is this! If it's pure anything it is pure selfishness - and pure asininity. A little joy, beauty, and fun would prevent discord from developing."

Margery Wilson
-How to Live Beyond Your Means-


TheNormalMiddle said...

Timely for tomorrow's celebrating :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

I thought so too:) Now, to put it into practice!

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