Friday, February 16

Our Afternoon in Pictures...

First comes lunchtime!

After we clean up the dishes, I quickly tidy up the house.

When it is warm out, we like to get some fresh air. Since it was pretty cold today, we played by the big sliding glass doors in the family room.

We soon get tuckered out, and need to take a break. Then big bed is perfect for reading and napping!

Once we get up, we quickly give one room a good cleaning and get started on dinner.


Courtney said...

What kind of toys are your daughter's favorite? Our baby seems to prefer anything BUT toys: TV remotes, cell phones, DVD players, board games...anything I try to keep away from him he wants even more! ;) He does love books, which is a relief, most of all when they're ones I DON'T want him to chew!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Our baby must have had a pow-wow with your baby to decide that real baby toys are unacceptable! She likes measuring cups, spoons, food from our plates, remotes, crumbs from the floor, cords from electronic devices, cell phones, regular phones, steps, toilets, etc. We're still working on the books thing... usually, she'll try to chomp on them while I'm reading. This narrows our selection down to board books since I refuse to let her destroy "good" books:)

I saw that walmart had a cute little set for babies with keys, a remote and a cellphone that "talked"... at $8 it might be worth it!

Courtney said...

Ah, yes, cords! How could I forget? My laptop cord is an especial favorite. We might have to make a trip to Wal-Mart to check out the set you mentioned (he's nearly destroyed my cell phone), but I don't know. Maybe if I "adopt" everything first he'll be into it!

Oh, and our board book collection? Huge! I'm amazed at what's available in board book form now. My mom finally had to say, "He doesn't need two copies of everything!" (One "real" book, one board book!)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hey Courtney!

I found an old cellphone that we don't use anymore and the baby LOVES to play with it! I charge it up and she thinks that it is the coolest toy evah! Maybe someone you know has one they don't need anymore for your baby!


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