Friday, December 15

The Sartorialist...

As much as I love living in a small town, I must admit that I really enjoy a day in a big city.

When we were living in New Jersey, one of my favorite outings was to take a train into New York City and spend the day walking around museums (the Met especially), eating at restaurants with delicious foods, and just taking in the sights!

One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the chance to watch interesting people. Since we've moved and I no longer have the opportunity to visit N.Y.C. with any frequency, I have begun to people watch on this blog: The guy who takes the photographs of people that he sees on the streets, has a career in fashion. I cannot vouch for the content (I honestly haven't read much of it), but I can say that looking at the photos on this blog is such an interesting way to end my day! People really are characters!

P.S. Sometimes The Sartorialist captures the photo of someone that is feminine and inspiring... that really makes my day!

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