Friday, December 15

Shopping the Sales...

A Black Belt Sales Shopper

By Susan Sommers

Originally Posted: December's Dresszing Newsletter

Tis the season for shopping the sales. This is the moment when you might find that fabulous--but formerly prohibitively expensive--outfit at 50 percent off, a few items to freshen what you've been wearing for years and/or that great party piece. And don't forget basics because they too are discounted now.

However, shopping the holiday sales isn't for the meek or indecisive. You need to be sure of yourself and have a plan. In short, you have to be a black belt shopper. Here are some tips:

MAKE A LIST. That suit you've had your eye on, the cashmere sweaters that were advertised or replacements for your black, gray and camel pants...note the item(s) or category(ies) on a list, which will be your starting point.

WEAR THE ITEM YOU WANT TO BUILD ON. Looking for an interesting cardigan to team with those plaid pants? Wear the pants (or at least, bring them along to try on) so that you can see how the outfit will look. Guessing about it might take more time than it's worth--and certainly going back to return the item is a time-waster.

BE AN EARLY BIRD. Arrive when the store opens. You'll find the best selection and the fewest shoppers, so you might have the sales racks all to yourself.

DON'T BUY ORPHANS. Purchase only items that work with something you already own. An "orphan" usually stays that way. Whatever you buy should be easy to integrate into your wardrobe.

SHOP YOUR LIST FIRST. Once you've gotten what you need, then you can look at impulse items. Remember, even bargains become expensive if you don't wear them.


Mrs.Garcia said...

Emma, Thank you for the tips from this post on Shopping the Sales...
A Black Belt Sales Shopper
By Suzanne Sommers
Originally Posted: December's Dresszing Newsletter.
I have gleamed so much helpful valuable tips.
Thank you,

MamaBirdEmma said...

I'm glad that you like this post, Mrs. Garcia! I was very happy to read these tips too. The after-Christmas sales are usually pretty good and following these tips will be helpful, I think.


Anonymous said...

So glad you liked my tips. Anyone can sign up for my monthly Style Flash, with tips like you've read, at
You can also sign up for my FREE online course on how to brand yourself at

Also, my name is Susan Sommers (not Suzanne).

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