Sunday, December 31

Doesn't this Sound Absolutly Delish?

Fried perch, crisp and hot, on a platter. A pot of coffee, strong and fragrant. A pitcher of fresh orange juice. Cantaloupe, cut into thick, ripe slices. Biscuits mounded in a basket next to a golden round of cheese and a saucer of butter, with a school of jellies and preserves on the side.
"Homemade fig preserve, " said Marion, pointing to the jam pots. "Raspberry jelly. Blueberry jam. And orange marmalade."
-A New Song
Jan Karon-

Asked if this sounds good, my husband says, "I just want some bacon and eggs!"


Mimi said...

It all sounds good to me -- not that my waistline needs such a feast right now. LOL.

Happy New Year!

Lean Not said...

It sounds wonderful! I love fancy food.

MamaBirdEmma said...

It sounds good to me too! I absolutly love fresh biscuits, butter, and jam! It's my idea of the perfect start to the day!


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