Monday, December 4

Adding Class...

I read a great post on adding that little something extra to the way that you dress without spending any money (which is especially good for those of us who are new to the whole homemaker thing). Here is a brief summary of the post:

Add Class to your Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime

1. Remove all Logos. By removing logoed and message clothing from your daily ensembles, you will add much class, taste and a more expensive look to your existing wardrobe.

2. Change your hair accessories. A few accessories are acceptable for everyday use. These are nondescript headbands (tortoise, elastic, accordion), nondescript barrettes (a clamp-style can hold up loose ends, brush back bangs and not take the focus off your entire look. Bobby pins are a must for updos and bangs that are not the right length – keep them hair colored) and maybe a hair-colored or black narrow elastic in your bag for hair emergencies.

3. Untuck the shirt. In this day and age, many tops are not created to be tucked in. Also many of our figures are not flattered with a tucked-in shirt. If you have a bit of a belly, an untucked tailored shirt, polo or sweater can do wonders to camouflages that area without looking messy.

4. Iron your clothes. Seems like a given, but unfortunately we often do not have the time or full-length mirrors to really see what we look like to others. Creased pants will not sort themselves out in the commute to work, and wrinkled blouses from the dryer have a totally different look than shirts that got a bit rumpled through the average day.

5. Protect the midsection. Be you a few pounds overweight and your clothes fitting a bit snugly, or be it you have the most amazing toned six-pack, there is never a reason for an adult to show her belly anywhere but at the beach or pool.

6. Don’t be a slave to fashion. Just because leggings have appeared on the runway after a 20-year hiatus does not mean you need to dash out and purchase a pair.

7. Accept your size. You will be the same shape be you wear a size 8 dress or a 10. A size smaller in a blouse will actually make you look larger. On the other side of the coin, clothing that is too big for your body will make you look misshapen, sloppy and also bigger than you truly are.

8. Check your bag. Is your bag overstuffed? Fraying? Covered with pen marks? If so, you are like many women in America. If you cannot afford a replacement bag, clean the one you currently have, snip any frayed areas with nail scissors and always keep it zipped up and only to 70% capacity at most. This will make your bag look far more polished than when you have a planner, sippy cup, wad of Kleenex and an apple popping out of the main compartment.

9. Chin up. The best way to exude class and style is to have good posture. Chin up, neck elongated, chest out, shoulders back and down. Think about your walk; glide, don’t clop. A graceful walk will make even ratty sweatpants look elegant.

For the full article, check out:


willfulmina said...

hello, hello, thanks for the tips! I can't wait for our visit either. Give a kiss to Peepshnock for me!

theups said...

Ooh!! I just love these "helpful hints"!! And don't worry... leggings will NOT find it's way to THIS body again!! The 80s was bad enough!! HAHA!

Mrs. U

Mindy said...

These are some wonderful and practical tips for us! Thank you for posting them!
Blessings to you and yours,

MamaBirdEmma said...

Thanks for the great comments, Ladies! I am glad that you enjoyed this article as much as I did!

Mimi said...

The comment about keeping my bag neat is one that I really need to take to heart.

willfulmina said...

thank you, honey. We're planning to start out at about 6-6:30, so we'll arrive at maybe 10. I can't wait!

Sandra said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. All the posts are excellent --- keep them coming!

Lauren said...

Great tips! I found you through my sitemeter and am so glad I did!

MamaBirdEmma said...

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed this article... I found a lot that I wanted to work on!


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