Saturday, December 9

Liquid Calories...

Avoid Liquid Calories (Except for skim, low fat, and soy milk)

If you drink two cups of coffee with half-and-half and sugar, one glass of orange juice. two cans of soda, and a glass of white wine, you're downing 627 calories per day from beverages alone! Drp the calorie laden drinks, and you'll lose a pound every six days.

-Joy Bauer-
-From: The Expert's Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do-

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm glad I take my coffee black with no sugar! :) I very rarely take soda, I do drink fruit juices and have a glass or two of red wine at weekend. But then I'm stick-thin so maybe I should move onto more milk n' soda.

p.s. how romantic to be married to a priest, I didn't realise your husband was a priest, nor that you belonged to the Orthodox church, neither did I really know what the Orthodox church was all about, so thank your hubby for his post.

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