Tuesday, December 12

A Good Attitude...

"It doesn't pay to sit and looking at a mountain of work and commiserate with oneself or the neighbors about it. Turn in- begin, singing if you can- and how the work slips along!

One can say to oneself, "For just this minute, one minute at a time I am expected to be cheerful and to work willingly." Just to eliminate the dams and hindrances of worry speeds up the work greatly."

How to Live Beyond Your Means
Margery Wilson


Mrs.Garcia said...

Emma, Thank you once again for this post as well on having a Good Attitude all the time. I am trying to be Cheerful no matter what and work willing for God, my Family and for myself. God and My Family deserve the best of me especially with my attitude.
Thank you,

Cherish the Home said...

Both this post and the one below are excellent reminders....Thanks Emma! (o:


MamaBirdEmma said...

I've been finding out that a good attitude is quite hard to cultivate:( It is especially hard when things are busy! I will keep working on it though!


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