Monday, April 25

Church Painting: Day Eighteen + Great and Holy Monday...


We're in the final stretch of the first part of our church painting project and it seems fitting that we are pushing ourselves to the limit in the last week before Pascha.  I cannot even imagine how joyful we will be at the midnight service in our beautifully painted chapel.  

Merona is working on the red lines at the bottom of the last few napkins as I type this.  Our hope is to be finished with one wall of the church (done!) and the stairway to the choir loft by the time we go to bed tonight.  There is still a lot of napkin left to do:  the altar and three more walls in the vestibule and nave of the church.  We're hoping to be complete this phase of painting by Wednesday night.  

I am trying to get as much accomplished in the house that I can early in the week.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will have a more intense service schedule before the service schedule and that will make it hard to get much done.  For now, I am quickly cleaning each room in the house, making lists of things to buy at the grocery store, and tackling all those little things I need to finish before Pascha.  I cannot wait for the Feast of Feasts!

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